KUSTOMWERKS stocks BDL Goodyear SPC Rear Drive Belts.

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Don Hannon


13235 -  BDL-SPC-128-118 128 tooth 1-1/8" Carbon Fiber Falcon SPC Belt

13236 -  BDL-SPC-132-20 132 tooth 20mm .Carbon Fiber Falcon SPC

13237 - BDL-SPC-139-1 139 tooth 1" .Carbon Fiber Falcon SPC Belt 

13238 - BDL-SPC-136 136 tooth 1-1/2" .Carbon Fiber Falcon SPC Belt 

  • Carbon fiber reinforced Goodyear engineered Falcon SPC belts offer up to 33 percent more tensile strength than conventional aramid reinforced belts
  • High-temperature rubber compound offers excellent flex and long service life
  • Fabric reinforced belt tooth surfaces improve wear resistance
  • Durable material construction is designed to withstand belt-penetrating debris without breaking

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