New Wildcard fender shipment received 5/23/2014

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Don Hannon

New shipment arrived Friday. Some sizes we've been out of for a while. 
11378 11" Round Top Softail Rear Fender For Lower Profile Tires
11372 - Wildcard 9" Rigid Rear Fender
11373 - 11" Rigid Rear Fender for left side drive frames. Fits up to 250mm tires.
11374 - 11" Rigid Rear Fender - Untrimmed 
11396 - 11" Rigid Rear Fender - Right Side Chain Cut
11399 - Long Boy Front Fender, 5.50" Wide For Wide 21" Tire. For use with 120/70-21" Profile Tires. A few are left.

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